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Urban Forest Utilization

Urban Forest Utilization is an industry that is still in its infancy.  Not until the advent of smaller and portable bandmills in the last 30 years has milling lumber from urban trees been feasible.  If a tree was growing in someone’s back yard there is a chance there is some metal or other debris in it that would not make a traditional sawyer happy!  At TC Woods we just accept that every 5th or 10th log has metal in it and we figure out how to get thru it or work around it to still yield a valuable product (and one with a little more history than just an anonymous 2×4).  Here in the Denver metro area we collectively are salvaging probably 5% of the useable timber from tree removals currently.  I believe we can get this recovery rate to 50% with just a little more care.  There are multiple mills (both private & available to public), alot of trees coming down every day – and alot of people who care enough to make a phone call or just ask the question – “Where is this tree going now?”

For further information  check out the Urban Forest Products Alliance on LinkedIn,,… or just search Urban forest utilization!