TC Woods is Colorado’s premier Urban Sawmill and retail lumberyard. Every day arborists and homeowners remove trees in the Denver metro area – historically this material is considered ‘waste’ and at best converted to mulch or firewood. Since 1996 we have been transforming urban forest ‘waste’ into lumber, furniture and art. In a state with no native hardwood forests and minimal forest products industry infrastructure we have re-purposed thousands of trees into valuable products which live on in the very communities from which they were removed.

At our facility in Ft. Lupton we receive logs, manufacture, and sell any species of wood that grows locally. This includes over 20 species of hardwoods, as well as our native softwoods and poplars. We offer custom milling, and both stock and custom furniture. Our inventory includes both roughsawn and finished lumber, natural edges, ready-made tabletops, shelving, trim, mantles, beams and boards from 6” to 4’ wide and 2’ to 14’ long.

We are open 5 days a week- come by and see for yourself how once proud trees live on in the beauty of Wood!

From the Owner:

Dan Odell has been planting and caring for trees for more than 45 years. Working as an arborist in the early 1990’s he could no longer dump or chip what seemed to be valuable logs. He got his first bandsaw (a chainsaw attachment) in 1995 and recently was thrilled to be able to mill a 45 year old Cottonwood tree that he had planted with his Father, and to make a beautiful, quilted tabletop for his parents. He lives and works with his wife Cindy at the TC Woods facility in Ft. Lupton.

Mission Statement:
We are dedicated to preserving as many locally grown and felled trees as possible as wood products and to strengthening and increasing our urban forests.