Custom Milling

Looking for custom sawmill services? TC Woods provides custom milling of logs and resawing of cants  at our yard in Ft. Lupton.  We can mill as small as  6-8″ dia. and 3′ lengths; greatest efficiency is for 1′-3′ dia. and 4′-14′ lengths.

  • We can BandSaw Mill up to 40″ diameter x 20′ length logs.
  • Leave logs as long as you can transport; cut above crotches; paint ends w/in 24 hrs; Mill Green!

Mill Fees

Bandsaw Milling $100/hr ($60 minimum); >2′ dia. x 8′ – $120/hr.
Alaska Milling (up to 4′ widths) $120/hr ($200 minimum).
Fees generally work out to $1/bf or better

Fees for metal in your log are $10-$30 per occurrence